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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!!! ♥♥

Happy Monday everyone!!! It has been a very wet weekend and day today!! We have spent the day inside to keep warm and dry. Miss T’arn made some red playdough and put out some playdough cutters for the children to play with. Miss T’arn began cutting different shapes and animals with the cutters and was showing the children. They all said “wow” and some responded saying the type of animal or the sound the animal makes. They all did an amazing job with the playdough and enjoyed squeezing, pulling, poking, and squashing the playdough. Liz tasted the playdough and when Miss T’arn told her it was yucky she spat it out and had a disgusted look on her face! 

The children enjoyed exploring the classroom and finding their favourite activities whilst dancing along to the wiggles. Our children love listening and dancing to music, especially the wiggles. After some fun exploring, Miss T’arn sat down with the children for a small group time before lunch. We enjoyed reading Christmas books and looking at Santa and the Reindeers. 

Thank you for a beautiful day! Be Safe in the rain everyone!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥