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Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

We hope you all had an amazing long weekend!! We have had a very nice Monday today. We enjoyed some outdoor play in the sand. We are all getting used to wearing our Green hats when we are outside. Everyone enjoyed being able to sit and feel their feet and hands in the sand. The children enjoyed playing on the climbing beam, riding bicycles, blowing bubbles, singing and dancing.

Inside we enjoyed some art activities, We continued on with our Aboriginal flag footprint painting. Thomas knew when Miss T’arn was getting the paints ready that we were doing the footprints, he said “toes” sat down and pointed to his toes. Once Miss T’arn finished with the footprints the children didn’t want to put the paints away. When Miss T’arn asked did they want to do more painting they said “yes”.

The children have had a very fun and busy day today!! We hope you all have a great afternoon!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx