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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! We hope you all had an amazing weekend!! We can’t believe it is our last week together as Babies 2!! What a crazy but fun 7 months we have had together!! We want to focus on being with the kids and enjoying the last few days together, so today we followed the children’s lead and let them choose what we did for the day. After morning tea the children wanted some music. We enjoyed singing and dancing to Baby Shark and the Wiggles together. They love dancing so much. Liz showed us all the dance moves to Baby Shark and Noah was our Wiggles biggest fan, knowing all the actions and dance moves to the wiggles songs. This was so much fun. After all our dancing and playing in the classroom the children were looking out the window and watching some of the Toddler 2 children playing in the Toddler yard. Noah said “Play?” to Miss T’arn. So we put our hats on and lined up to go out for a play in the big Toddler yard. They were all so excited, screaming “yay!!!” as we ran out the door. The children went straight over to do some climbing on the big playground. Liz, Halle, Cameron, and Finley are so confident on the bridge now and went across so fast. Liz enjoyed laughing and bouncing on the net bridge. Its so amazing to see how much their confidence has grown the past few weeks. After playing on the playground they all made their way over to the sinks to play in the water. Miss T’arn put the umbrellas up to create a nice shaded area for the children while they played with the water. The children love pouring the water over their heads and Liz likes to sit in the sink and play with the taps. Noah, Thomas, Cameron, Halle, Avery and Finley enjoyed filling up buckets to pour out. We had so much fun exploring outside and before we knew it, it was time to get dry and ready for lunch. Once everyone was nice and dry the children helped make their beds before sitting down for some yummy lunch!! 

Thank you all for a wonderful day!!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥