Happy Monday!! We have started our week off beautifully in the Babies 2 classroom today. We spent the morning with the doors wide open for some indoor/ outdoor play. The children enjoyed self-selecting their favourite activities and playing so beautifully together and also liked some individual play. Miss T’arn set up a nice mat with some pillows and books for the children to read. As it is book week, we want to spend lots of time reading and finding new books. The children absolutely love books at the moment. They all came straight to the mat, picked up a booked and flicked through the pages. They were so engaged. Miss T’arn also sat with the children and read a couple of books. We looked at the pictures and named what we could see. It was super fun!!

Noah, Finley, Halle, Spencer and Liz really enjoy climbing, and playing on the slide. Finley likes to sit on the seesaw and sing “Seesawwwww” and Liz dances along to his singing. Its very sweet.

While Thomas, Noah, Finley and Cameron had a snooze, Halle, Liz, Spencer and Skyla enjoyed some outdoor play with Miss T’arn. We did some singing and dancing. Skyla and Liz were bopping away as Miss T’arn sang “Wheels on the bus” “row row your boat” “Open shut them” “Tiny turtle Tim” and “if your happy and you know it.” Liz will come sit on Miss T’arn’s lap, grab onto her hands rock back and say “row row”!

Our babies are getting amazing at using their words and letting us know what it is they want/ need. Today Finley and Thomas were letting Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia know when they needed a “tissue”. Well done friends, its so nice to hear all your new words each week!!!

Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani will also be incorporating some baby sign language into our daily routine also. This will help children who are a little less confident when it comes to talking. This gives them another way to communicate when needed and help any frustration when they cannot get the words out. We will keep you all updated one this and what they learn.

Do any of you use baby sign at home with your children? We would love to know, any feedback on how they do would be awesome!!

Thank you for a great day friends!!! Have an amazing evening, see you tomorrow!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥♥