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Welcome to Babies 2! The have had an amazing start to the week in our classroom today. Today the children started their morning with some fun indoor/ outdoor play self selecting their favourite activities. Noah, Finley, Liz and Skyla found the seesaw. They all hopped on with a little assistance from Miss T’arn and began rocking back an forth. Liz started to sing “row row row” while rocking on the seesaw. Miss T’arn began singing “row row your boat” and “seesaw up and down” while the children rocked on the seesaw. Finley was so kind to Skyla and allowed her to share his handles to hold on. Halle enjoyed riding the cow bikes and practicing her climbing. She is getting so confident!!

Miss Hansani and Miss T’arn set up some plain flour in the tray for the children to explore. Finley asked Miss T’arn “what’s that?” and then continued to say “sand” Miss T’arn told Finley and the other children that it wasn’t sand and that it was called Flour. Noah then repeated it saying “Flour.” They were all so excited in the flour and began throwing it in the air and over each other. All their hair and faces were white. It was so much fun!!

Skyla had her first sleep on our mats in the classroom with Noah and Finley today! She did amazing and had a great sleep. Well Done Skyla!!!

Thank you all for a beautiful Monday!! We hope you have a great evening!!! See you all tomorrow!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥