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Firstly, Hope and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us yesterday at our Christmas Party. We appreciate you all and we thank you so much for all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts. We know it hasn’t been the easiest of years to get through but we did it and we are so proud of all of our children!!

We had a great day here in babies 2 room, filled with plenty of fun activities to do though out the entire day. We started off the day by welcoming Liz, Finley, Noah, Cameron, Halle, Avery, Max, and Spencer with lots of warm welcoming cuddles. It was such a beautiful day outside we decided to spend most of it in the outdoor yard. We cleared out our yard of all the stuff and brought the hose out for water play. They all loved running too and away from the hose whilst Miss T’arn sprayed them. We filled up the black tray and the water table with water for the children to splash and play in. The children who don’t like the hose enjoyed splashing in the water. After water play we go dried off and dry clothes put back on and went inside to makes our beds and get ready for nap time.

We had such a great day!

♥♥Much love Miss T’arn and Miss Hope♥♥