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We have had such a fun busy day today! We had fun exploring indoors and outdoors today. Inside Miss T’arn set up the table with some ice cubes for the children to explore. Max said to Miss T’arn “cold” as he touched a piece of ice. Spencer was loving it, she was crunching away on her piece of ice and saying “mmmm”!! Cameron was observing the other children playing with the ice, after some encouragement from his teachers he joined his friends at the table to explore the ice. They really enjoy feeling the ice in their hands and eating it!

We went outside into the big yard to practice our climbing. Noah, Finley, Max, Avery, and Spencer really enjoyed running around with Miss Otavia and playing with the soccer ball. The children really enjoy having a big open space to run around use up all their energy. The children had a great time climbing on the climbing frames and practicing their balancing skills. Liz is so confident now and isn’t afraid to climb on the big climbing frames. She said “wow wow” when she was at the top of the climbing frame.

In the afternoon the children really enjoyed playing outside, singing songs, dancing and watching the horses running in the rain. They were so excited when watching them.

Thanks for a great day friends!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥♥