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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

Happy Thursday Babies 2 families! We have had an amazing fun filled day today, We started off out day by welcoming Liz, Finley, Cameron, Halle, Spencer, Max and Avery with lots of cuddles and big smiles.

We had so much fun playing outdoors this morning with all our friends from baby 1 and 3 rooms. As Miss Hope was setting up our yard this morning Halle went over to the reading corner, sat on a cushion and opened up a book, she began to look at the pictures and point at all the different things she saw. Finley and Cameron had so much fun riding their bikes up and down the yard following one another and laughing the entire time together. Liz, Spencer, Avery and Finley enjoyed going up and down on the seesaw individually and with their friends form babies 3. Liz loved singing “row row” while she was on the seesaw.

After all that excitement outdoors we came indoors for a some group time and a little play before morning tea. for group time Miss Hope Sung all our favorite songs including “5 cheeky Monkeys jumping on the bed”, “row row your boat”, and “The wheels on the bus”. The children really enjoyed singing and doing the actions to the song, as soon as we started singing all the children stood up to dance along. Max really enjoys dancing to “5 cheeky monkeys” as he laughed when Miss hope jumped and danced around to the song. Halle really loved doing the actions to “the wheels on the bus “as she did every movement to the song.

As we had so much fun this morning we sadly didn’t have time to do our art activity, so we have decided to do the activity after everyone’s awake. This art activity is for Recycling week and we wanted to use the recycled items from the recycle bin in the foyer to recycle the martials into our art we did this by painting them blue and pink.

♥♥Thank you all for a wonderful Thursday! Hope you all have a great day. Much love , Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥