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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

Today we started our morning with some outdoor play, while we waited for all our friends to arrive. We played on the obstacle course, slid down the slide and also brought out some toys from the room to play with in the yard like colorful building blocks, small cars and pushing toys along with pillows and books to make a comfy reading area.

After a lovely play outside we came into the room and sat down all together to have morning tea. after our yummy food we sat down together on the mat for group time, at group time today Miss Hope read a book called ‘The ugly duckling’ as this is a book that we have been focusing on this past week. as we are reading this book more and more we are started to see the  children becoming more understanding of the book and coming to be more engaged in this group time activity.

In relation to the book we have also included an art activity to create the ugly duckling using the painting method of feathers, by slightly tapping the feather on to the paper with grey paint on it and adding some black feathers at the end. We choose the color grey as that is the color of the ugly duckling in the book and we wanted our artwork represent the ugly duckling but also making it in our own unique way.

Much Love, Miss Hope and Miss T’arn ♥♥