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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

Happy Thursday! We have had a great day today. We enjoyed playing in the babies 1 & 3 yard in the morning with our babies 3 friends. The children really enjoyed digging in the sandpit and filling the buckets with sand and tipping them out. Liz and Avery had so much fun being pushed in the trolley by Max. They were all laughing, especially when Max would bump the trolley into the wall. Avery was yelling “YAY!” and Liz was saying “wow”. Halle enjoyed reading a book quietly to herself in the shade. We had so much fun!! 

After a busy morning with babies 3, we went back to our classroom to get ready for lunch and our FIRST sleep OUTSIDE and Halle and Spencer’s first sleep on the mats!! This was so much fun and the children were so excited to sleep outside and they all did AMAZING going to bed!! It was so beautiful to sleep outdoors in the nice breeze, listening to all the sounds of nature, the trees blowing and the birdies singing. 

Thank you for a beautiful day my friends ♥

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥