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Good afternoon!!! We have had a great day! This morning we enjoyed some musical instruments and singing with Miss Gabby. The children love when Miss Gabby comes to visit us! They were singing, dancing and shaking their instruments. It was so much fun and everyone was so excited and happy. This was a beautiful way to start our morning.

We then went outside to get our bodies moving. We enjoyed climbing, sliding and kicking. Liz and Avery enjoyed the sandpit most! Miss T’arn brought out some pom poms and tongs for the children to try. This is great for the children’s Fine Motor Skills and Hand-eye Co-ordination. Miss T’arn and Miss Stacey explained to the children how to squeeze the tongs, once they knew how to squeeze them, they then tried to squeeze and pick up the pom poms. They did an amazing job with this activity.

This afternoon we are going to head into the babies 1 & 3 yard for more fun with our other babies friends!!

Have a wonderful evening! See you all tomorrow!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Stacey xx