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Hello families!

What a wonderful day we have had today in the babies 2 room. We engaged in lots of activities both indoors and outdoors and had a blast.

Inside today we continued with our paintings. Using both the egg cartons and yogurt lids, the children took turns stamping them from the paint onto the paper. There were soon many masterpieces ready to be hung out on display. The children enjoyed this experience so much that we decided to leave the paint and paper out and the children displayed their own creativity as they dipped their hands into the paints and then spread this all over the paper, lots of giggles and laughter could be heard as they smooched the paint between their fingers. Before having lunch, we decided to explore the yard for a little bit. While outside we adventured off to complete the obstacles which were presented within the yard. Turns were taken to cross the bridge, climbing up and over before moving onto the slide.

While waiting for lunch, the children sat at the tables and engaged in a story time with Miss Shannan. Their favourite was peekaboo, with the children cheering when the animals showed their faces and shouted peekaboo! We also sang B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o, with the children trying their best to join it.

Thank you for joining us in the babies two room today, what a ball we have had!

  • ¬†Miss Shannan and Miss Jess