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Hello beautiful families and welcome to our wonderful Thursday in Babies 2 with Miss Jess and Miss Lyn.

Despite the cloudy weather we did not let it ruin our lovely day that we all had♥

All friends welcomed back Spencer!! Spencer settled back into her room nicely and LOVED exploring the outdoor area and building positive relationships with her friends and teachers throughout the day.

What we did today –

This morning all our friends enjoyed a great big morning play before it was time to come inside for morning tea. Noah enjoyed riding on the cow bike, exploring different heights on the bridge with Finely as well as looking through some books in the tent.  Max enjoyed having a ride of fun on the bike. Cameron too liked exploring different heights and climbing on the bridge as well as Spencer. Spencer showed her gorgeous smile as she explored the outdoor environment and showed how clever she was with the walker, using great strength to stand up.

After morning tea Miss Jess wanted to do art with her friends as Miss Hansi has been creating animals and insects with their hands and feet lately so Miss Jess and Miss Lyn thought we would create spiders with the children’s hands as an extension from the song “Incy Wincy Spider” and an extension to what Miss Hansi has been doing. Spencer was not fond of this experience but she did have a little try before hoping down to play. The other children were unsure of the cold and squishy texture at first, but they were found to be really enjoying it by the end.

After our art FUN! Our friends explored Babies 1 and 2 yard as well as the big open yard to make the most of the outside exploration before it started to rain. Spencer, Noah and Cameron all had so much fun in the sandpit, feeling the cold and gritty texture of the sand. Finely and Noah had great fun riding back and forward on the dinosaur sea saws! The climbing obstacles were LOVED as the children really enjoy exploring different heights and being open to achieving new challenges. Cameron showed how confident he is becoming with his standing and walking with the walker!!! Soon enough he will be buzzing around!!

All friends than came inside to enjoy some lunch before our friends had their sleeps to re energize ♥

This afternoon, children enjoyed their scrumptious afternoon tea before they had an afternoon of fun with their friends and teachers. ♥

Thank you Babies 2 for today, it has been wonderful.

Miss Jess♥