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April 23, 2020

Good afternoon everyone from Babies 2, this morning Noah, Finley, Ruby and Ariana had a great time reading outside together, drawing at the table, climbing on the obstacle course and playing in the sand with the shovels and buckets.

When we had lunch today, I noticed the children are learning eachother’s names, as us Educators repeat the children’s names, each child is starting to do the same.

Finley at morning tea was very excited to see a banana and said the word banana so clearly, Noah followed him saying the same, very clearly.

Today the children had a fun time dancing, they all laughed at Miss Dominique’s dance moves then soon after joined in, we also spent time listening to “Mantra’s for children” which is very calming, I noticed how happy and relaxed the children were having that playing in the background as we went about our day together.

We pulled out some of the old toys we hadn’t seen for a while and Finley and Ruby had such a great time pulling them all out, they seemed to remember them, especially the Indigenous Boomerang, they were very happy to play with that again.

Each child’s self help skills are really coming along amazingly, they are all drinking alot of water currently and they absolutely enjoy washing their hands.  They seem to know the order of how to do it now quite fluently, even putting their paper towel in the bin after learning how to dry their hands.

Ruby also had her visit and play in the Babies 3 Room today with Miss Jelena, she was so excited to walk through with Miss Emma and had amazing time on her visit. It’s been so lovely having her back with us, weve missed her, as did her friends.

Within The Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes, Outcome 4 states that childen;

Express wonder in their environment, show curiosity and interest, investigate, imagine, explores, shows enthusiasm, initiates and contributes to play, perseverance, shows satisfaction with a task. persistence, mirrors, repeats and transfers knowledge.

I hope you all had a fantastic day today as well, Miss Dominique