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Good afternoon!! We have had so much fun today! Today we went into the outdoor yard and did some climbing and playing on seesaws. Finley, Noah, Cameron, and Avery really enjoyed climbing on all the beams, ladders, and soft climbing boxes. Noah and Finley had so much fun rocking back and forth on the seesaw together! All the children practiced sun safety and wore their hats the whole time! It was very sunny outside in the yard today. It was a beautiful morning and the children really enjoyed exploring a new yard and new climbing activities.


Inside we enjoyed some messy play with shaving foam. At first Finley, Noah, Max, and Cameron were unsure and didn’t want to touch the shaving foam. With some encouragement and demonstration from Miss T’arn they gave it a go and loved it!!! Avery was less hesitant when she seen the foam. She rubbed her hands in it straight away laughing and showing Miss T’arn. She had a great time. This sensory activity is great for their Fine Motor Skills and sensory development. I have observed that the children really enjoy these types of activities and aim to do more of these play experiences with them.

Group Times

This morning the children enjoyed reading stories nicely with Miss Lilly and Miss Otavia. Now they are really enjoying the books with all the Australian animals and Peppa Pig. Reading books with the children is great for their language and Fine Motor Skills (turning pages). They all love the quiet time and sitting and reading either by themselves or as a group.

What I enjoyed today

We enjoyed the new experience in the outdoor yard, climbing, running, jumping, and using the seesaws and shaving foam!! It was a great day!


If your children has a green Daycare hat at home can you please bring it in, If you never got given one please let me know so I can organize getting one for your child. Thank you so much- Miss T’arn.

Have a great Evening!!!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia xx