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We have had a fantastic day today, with lots of fun and exciting activities and creative experiences!! We had lots of fun playing in both indoors and outdoors with lots of activities throughout the entire day. We started off the day with welcoming Liz, Finley, Cameron, Noah, Max, Spence, Halle, and Avery with lots of warm welcoming cuddles.

Today was such a beautiful day outside so we decided to go to the toddler yard for a little play. All the children really enjoyed going over to the toddler’s yard as they had a variety of things to do and explore. They had lots of fun things to do in their yard like riding the bikes up, down and through the yard, building sandcastles and steering the car in the sand pit, waterplay where they got to fill up buckets and watering cans to water the plants as well as siting in the sinks splashing around.

We also had a sponge painting Christmas activity for all the children, as they got to paint Christmas tree decoration on their own little tree using the colours blue, yellow, green, and red. All the children loved the creative experience.

We had so much playing indoors as we put on some Christmas carols to sing and dance along to, all the children love to listen to the Christmas music as they jump up and dance every time a song come on. We had a few activities going on indoors as the children got the chance to decide what they wanted to do. We had activities like rolling and passing the ball to one another, pushing the small cars around the room and playing with building magnate to build whatever the children decide.

♥♥Much love Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥