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Welcome to Babies 2!!

Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia welcomed Liz, Spencer, Halle, Avery, Cameron, Finley, Noah and Max. We started our day playing inside and self-selecting their favourite activities, which included puzzles, stacking rings, lego block, cars, and trucks. Miss T’arn turned on some music for the children to sing and dance too. Finley asked Miss T’arn for the “bus” song.

We opened the doors for the children to explore the yard and decided to have morning tea sitting on the mat like a picnic. As we are having this beautiful day, we decided to go in Babies 1 and Babies 3 yard to explore with our other baby friends. Spencer and Liz found the baby dolls and they were sitting on the mat and cuddling them together. Cameron enjoyed pushing the trolley around the yard. Max, Finley, and Noah enjoyed filling the buckets with sand in the sandpit. Halle was practicing her climbing on the climbing beam and the boat steps.

While we were out in the babies 1 & 3 yard Miss Maddi and Miss Bec came to visit us, Miss Maddi was wearing a bear costume!! Avery was patting Maddi as her costume was very soft. Spencer was so excited and gave her a cuddle. Finley, Max, Liz, and Noah were watching her in the yard. Cameron came to Miss T’arn for a cuddle as he was unsure what was going on. This was so exciting for the children. Miss T’arn asked them what it was and explained it was a bear.

After our sleep time we are planning to enjoy a story time reading the Gruffalo. Miss T’arn has noticed the children’s interest in books and wants to invite the children to join in for some more group reading.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon friends, we hope you enjoy your evening!!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥♥