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What an exciting day we had here in Babies 2 today, filled with many fun, thrilling Christmas theme activities! We started the morning by welcoming Spencer, Halle, Avery, Noah, Max, and Cameron with big warm welcoming cuddles.

It was a little warm outside this morning, so we decided to do some fun Christmas activities inside. We started the festivity by placing on some Christmas carols and begun to blow lots of big and small bubbles around the room. We then moved onto our next fun activity of drawing on the chalkboard with all the different colored chalk, and coloring in the big Christmas present. We also continued our Christmas artwork of Santa hats and wreaths.

As it started getting cooler outside, we through it would be fun to go outdoors for a little play and do a bring out different instruments to play to a few Christmas song like ‘jingle bells’ and ‘we wish you a Merry Christmas’

As we were playing out doors we brought in three children at a time to play with red and green glittered play dough, all the children loved this activity as they had lots of fun rolling, tapping, poking and swishing the play dough.

♥♥Much love Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥