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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

Today we started our morning with some outdoor play in the yard but before we went outside we got to choose some of our favorite toys from our room to bring to the yard for a play, we bought out toys like puzzles, colorful building blocks, cars and trucks. We also got to ride around the yard with our bikes and climb on the obstacle course.

After a little play outside we had so yummy morning tea and went back outside to sing and dance to some of our favorite songs at the moment including Row row your boat, The wheels on the bus and If your happy and you know it.

We than went over to the toddlers yard for a little play in the sand pit and to go on the slides, while the toddlers were inside. 

As this week is space week we wanted to incorporate it into our learning by doing a painting activity with the children, using two different colors (blue and green). blue representing the water and green representing the land and when all of it comes together we had a painting looking like earth.

After our painting activity we than moved onto having our lovely lunch and went down for a sleep.

Thank you for an amazing Thursday 

♥♥ Much Love, Miss Hope and Miss T’arn ♥♥