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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

What a beautiful day we have had in Babies 2 today!! Miss T’arn and Miss Hope welcomed Thomas, Max, Cameron, Noah, and Liz with lots of cuddles. Everyone was so happy, settled and ready for the day!! After enjoying some indoor and outdoor play in the morning we came inside for Morning Tea. The children did amazing packing away their plates and water bottles after Morning Tea and cleaning their hands and faces with the face washers. The children love having a bit of responsibility and taking part in all aspects of the day. They love to help, it makes them feel really proud and confident that they can do it. Not only have the children been helping to pack away after mealtimes, they love to help pack their beds and sheets away after sleep time. They all get so excited to pull their sheets off and hand them to us to put away for the next day. They fold the mats up and carry them to the sleep room where we store them. Its amazing. We are so proud of all the children and watching how eager they are to help and learn everyday. They are all so capable! 

After having a little play in the Babies 3 yard exploring the sandpit, pushing trolleys, kicking balls and rocking back and forth on the seesaw we went back inside to do a small group time before lunch and bed. Miss T’arn read “The Ugly Duckling” to the children again today as this is the book we are focusing on for book week, which is actually next week but we are going to continue activities based on the book for both weeks. While Miss T’arn was reading the book some of the animals were not very nice to the Ugly Duckling. Noah looked very empathetic for the poor duckling when Miss T’arn read the words “Go Away”! Miss T’arn then said to the children that “its not nice to tell the duckling to go away is it, poor duckling.” 

When it is time for nappy changes the children love to climb up the steps to the change mat. While the children are climbing to the change mat and having nappy changes we like to use this time to have little one on one moments with the children. we ask about their day, if they’re feeling happy/sad, we ask them where their eyes and ears and mouth is and sometimes we sing songs. We also like to talk to the children about what’s happening next eg, “we’re going to wash our hands now, then put some sunscreen on and find our hats, then we are going to go outside for a play.” We like the children to always know what is happening before we do it and ask their permission before doing things eg, “can I change your nappy now?” This gives the children a choice in what is happening. If they are in the middle of focusing on something and say no we then say “ok, I will come back in 5 minutes when you’re finished what you’re doing.” The children really love to have a choice in their day and what happens. 

Thanks for a great Tuesday!!!

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥