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We have had such a great day here in babies 2 room! We started off the morning by welcoming Liz, Finley, Noah, Cameron, Thomas, Halle, Jackson, and Max with warm welcoming cuddles. After some yummy morning tea, we decided to go for a little run around the yard and explore what fun things we could do in the yard as it is not raining, and we could not come outdoors yesterday. We had a play on the seesaws going back and forth singing ‘row row your boat’ and we also did some crawling and climbing on the climbing equipment.

After playing outdoors we came in and set up a few fun activities for the children to play with like building blocks, cars to push on the car mat, books for reading and a small obstacle course for the children to climb, crawl and roll on. All the children loved doing each fun activity as they got the choice to choose what they would like to play with.

We than placed on some Christmas songs but all the children wanted to listen to the wiggles, so we quickly changed the music and all the children got up and started dancing to the wiggles as well as making actions to the words of the song. We listen to songs like ‘Hot potato’, ‘Rock-a-bye your bear’ and ‘The propeller!’.

♥♥Much love Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥