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We have had a fantastic day today, with lots of fun and exciting Christmas activities planed to do throughout the entire day, We had lots of fun playing both indoors and outdoors activities. We started off the day by welcoming Finely, Cameron, Noah, Thomas, Halle, and Max with lots of warm welcoming cuddles.

Today was such a beautiful sunny day outside so we decided to start our day in the yard to do all our favorite things we like to do outdoors like riding the bikes, climbing up and through the obstacle course, jumping and rolling on the big soft mat and stacking the building blocks to then knock them down. whilst we were outdoors the children really wanted to play with the bubbles so we got them out and had so much fun.

We also had a fun creative experience to do indoors one by one as we created our very own Santa hats. we did this by using a blank red piece of paper and gluing down white tissue paper. All the children really enjoyed this activity.

After all that fun we wanted to do a Christmas activity as a group so we had our very own Christmas tree on the desk using green washi tape to create it and getting the children one by one to place small pieces of different coloured washi tape on to the Christmas tree to represent Christmas tree decorations.

♥♥Much love Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥