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The children have had a great day today. They had so much fun in the morning exploring our classroom. They enjoyed playing with puzzles, stacking rings, animals, cars, trucks, and trains. They also enjoyed reading lots of books. Noah, Halle, Liz and Cameron enjoyed doing these activities as a small groups. It was nice to see our babies are sharing toys with their friends and interact with others while doing some group time activities. After playing inside during the morning we opened the doors for the children to head outside for some fresh air. Outside the children found the bicycles, climbing beam, more books, the soft blocks, and a picnic morning tea outside. Finley and Max had a good time in toddlers yard exploring all the activities, climbing, walking on the net bridge, sliding on the slide, riding bicycles and obstacle courses.

We had our morning tea as a little picnic outside. After morning tea Miss T’arn set up some shaving foam sensory play for the children to explore. Noah and Finley did not hesitate when they see Miss T’arn setting up this activity. They were both in their rubbing their hands in the shaving foam and their body. Noah even slid onto his tummy in the shaving foam. Liz, Skyla, and Max shortly joined their friends and felt the shaving foam on their hands and in between their fingers. Halle really enjoyed climbing on the obstacle course outside. She loves to climb!!

Then we had our big yummy lunch while we were sitting around the table and all the children enjoyed the veggies and the fish bites. Skyla and Liz did a grate job sleeping on the mats with the boys today. well done.. we are so proud of you….

Have a lovely day…