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Today we welcomed Cameron, Finley, Noah, Max, Thomas, Liz, Skyla and Halle with big cuddles and lots of smiles. The children enjoyed having a play outside in the morning, practicing their Gross Motor Skills, they enjoyed climbing on the climbing frame, riding bikes, dancing and throwing the balls. After having a play outside we came in for some yummy morning tea, after morning tea the children packed away their bowl and wiped their hands and faces. We then sat on the mat for a story time. Miss T’arn brought in a new book to read this week for book week. It is called “Spot’s Spooky Fun.” This was a great book as the children really enjoyed it and loved looking at the different animals and costumes in the book. It is also a great book to get us ready for Halloween next week!! The children really enjoyed reading books quietly on the mat today, we had a little book club happening today! After story time and free play inside, the children helped get their beds ready for lunch and sleep time. 

Reminders for upcoming events! 

  • On Thursday Miss T’arn and Miss Hope will be dressing up for Book Week! Feel free to dress your children up with us on this day!! 
  • On Friday 23rd of October it is Loud Shirt Day, please dress in bright colour to support children who are deaf or have hearing needs
  •    Next Friday is Dress up for Halloween!! If your child doesn’t come on Fridays please feel free to dress up on the days they do come!