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What a fun day we have had!!! We spent the morning outdoors playing in the Toddler yard and playing in the water. Finley, Noah, Thomas, and Max could see the Toddler children playing in the water and were asking to go in the Toddler yard to play. It was quiet in the Toddler yard so Miss T’arn took the children into Toddlers to explore the yard and the water. The children had so much fun playing in the water. They enjoyed filling cups and buckets and tipping them out. Finley liked to fill the bucket at the tap and then carry it to the tray to pour it out. Miss T’arn also got the hose out for the children to play under and cool down. Noah, Finley, Halle and Liz enjoyed running away from the water with the Toddler 2 children. This became a very fun game to play. Along with playing with water outside the children also enjoyed exploring the big yard. They enjoyed climbing on the fort and through the net and riding the big bikes. Liz and Halle enjoyed swinging on the swing and playing in the sandpit. We all had so much fun outside and being able to play in the Toddler Yard with our Toddler 2 friends who took care of us all so beautifully. Thank you Toddlers for allowing us to come into your yard this morning, We had so much fun!! Enjoy all the photo’s from today 🙂

As you have all seen our Christmas party invitations went out yesterday! Yay, we are so excited! Wednesday the 9th of December. Please if you could all RSVP how many parents and if you’re attending ASAP that would be great! We are so excited to celebrate with you all and have some fun things planned for the afternoon!

Thank you for a great day friends, see you all tomorrow!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥