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We have had a fun day in babies 2 today. This morning after morning tea we enjoyed being outside as the weather is a bit cooler today. The children enjoyed playing on the outdoor equipment, pushing trolleys and playing hide and seek in the long tunnel. Miss T’arn set up the black tray with some red goop for the children to explore. They enjoyed playing in the goop and feeling the texture of the goop change to soft and gooey when holding it in their hands. After enjoying the messy experience we went inside to get cleaned up and ready for lunch. Once everyone was clean the children helped us to make their beds ready for sleep. The children brought the chairs to the table and sat down for lunch beautifully. They are all amazing at knowing our routine and what comes next. The children enjoyed their yummy lunch today and were very confident when using their forks to eat. Well Done Friends!! 

Its so nice to see everyone is attending our Christmas Party tomorrow!! We are so so excited to see you all there and to enjoy the afternoon together!! We have so many exciting things planned for you all to enjoy! 

Thank you for a fun day friends!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥