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Hello Babies 2 !! ♥♥

The children have had an amazing day today. They had so much fun exploring the indoors and outdoors in the morning as we left the doors open so that they could decide where they would like to play. They enjoyed self-selecting their favourite activities. Inside we enjoyed puzzles, stacking rings, dinosaurs and playing with a balloon. Outside we enjoyed reading books, climbing and playing on the seesaw. After sitting down on the mat outside for a picnic morning tea we all went into the other yard to practice climbing on the obstacle course. They really enjoyed lots of climbing, running, pushing trolleys, rocking on the seesaws and sliding down the slide. It was so much fun. We are all so confident in our climbing and do not hesitate to give new things a try!! Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani have noticed how much the children enjoy climbing and taking new risks. We will be continuing to add these fun experiences to our day to ensure we are meeting the children’s needs and interests!!

Just some friendly reminders!! 

As it is getting to hotter weather now, can you please ensure your child has;

  • a water bottle everyday
  • a set or 2 of summer clothes (a jumper in case it is a bit windy on some days)
  • summer sleep bags
  • at least 3 sets of spare clothes (we do a lot of messy play and the children do feed themselves so sometimes the bibs don’t always protect all their clothes)

Thank you so much !! We hope you have an amazing weekend

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥