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Good Afternoon Everyone!!

We have had such a great day in babies 2 today! We started off our morning with a Science experiment for Science week. We mixed baking soda, vinegar and some red food colouring together and watched the reaction. The children yelled “wow!!” and “Bubbles” and asked for more. They really enjoyed watching it fizz up and create bubbles. We look forward to doing more science experiments for the rest of the week!

After our Science Experiment was finished we enjoyed our morning tea outside on the mat in the fresh air. They enjoyed some yummy fruits and toast for morning tea today! After morning tea the children went to find their favourite activities e.g Bikes, sandpit, climbing beam, slide and balls. Everyone was super busy.

We have had a beautiful day day today! We will see you all tomorrow.

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx