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Hello families

Welcome to babies two room for another beautiful day. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed all the children in the morning with warm cuddles. We had an amazing day with Liz, Finley, Tairongo, Avery, Jackson, Max and Cameron. It’s Liz’s first day in kindy and she settled so well. She had a grate day with all her friends today. Welcome to Babies two Liz. We started our day having morning tea and decided to spend our time inside exploring the indoor activities. Children have been choosing to engage with different activities in the morning such as pushing trucks, playing with the wild animals, puzzle time and the abacus puzzle. After that we have been engaging with an amazing painting session. So, we used white papers, pink paint and a bottle as materials. Children were so excited use the bottle to create flowers.

We have been spending most of the day inside and we had a little time outdoor after sleep time. Max, Tairongo and Liz were so excited to explore outdoor area while their friends were sleeping. We will be engaging with more outdoor experiences in the afternoon. Children will be exploring the sand pit with shovels and buckets, truck, push cow, obstacle courses and the soft blocks.We had a nice group time reading books with Miss.Otavia in the afternoon.

What I enjoyed today

Children enjoyed almost everything today including both indoor and outdoor experiences.

 Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn