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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

We have had a beautiful day today, we enjoyed little play outside before we came in for some yummy morning tea. After morning tea the children packed away their bowls, cleaned their hands and faces and came to sit on the mat for story time. We read “Spot’s Spooky Fun” again today. The children really enjoy starting our morning with a quiet book time together. We sang “Tiny Turtle Tim” “open shut them” and “5 cheeky monkeys” before going off for some free play in the classroom. While the children were busy exploring all the different activities in the room, books, cars, trucks, stacking rings, dinosaurs and animals Miss T’arn was getting our painting activity ready. Today we painted some fish using pink and blue and stuck on a googly eye. These fish are going to hang in our change room for the children to look at when getting their nappy changed. As we share a nappy change room with Toddler 1 we decided to decorate it together. They made some jelly fish and we made some fish. They are going to look so nice when we hang them up. The children really enjoyed painting them today. After we finished painting the children started to put their hats on and go to the door. So we went over to Babies 3 yard for a play before lunch and sleep.

Don’t forget we are dressing up for book week tomorrow if you have a costume for you child please remember to put it on them!!

Thank you for a beautiful day! We will see you all tomorrow!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope! ♥♥