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Good afternoon Babies 2 and happy Wednesday!

Today we were joined by our friends Max, Tai, Avery, Liz, Finley and Cameron. For morning tea we had smoothies with rock melon and honey dew. After we finished morning tea we all headed outside to enjoy some playdough fun. We all sat at the table and squished to our hearts content while Miss Jade rolled us all a ball out of our pieces of playdough. Finley said “ball” when Miss Jade rolled it towards him.

Afterwards we did some free outside play and blew bubbles. Miss Jade brought over the bubble machine which we all loved to watch turn round and round. We then put on some wiggles nursery rhymes to sing along to with our toddler friends next door. Finley and Tai clapped their hands to “If you are happy and you know it” on the beat all by themselves.

After we had our outside fun we came inside for some lunch and our sleep and bottle time.

Thanks so much for an awesome day babies!

Miss Jade and Miss Lyn xx