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What a fun day we have had in our babies room today!!! Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani have noticed how much the children love sensory and messy play activities. We though setting up this fun paint activity would be perfect!! We were right, the children absolutely loved it!! Liz, Finley and Max could not wait to get into the cling wrap to touch the paint. Once they got the cling wrap open they put their hands into the paint and started rubbing their hands together and on their faces!! Avery joined in and started to rub her hands in the paint. They were all laughing and yelling with excitement. Cameron wasn’t sure about the paint, he observed the children and decided he didn’t want to get involved with the messy play and went over to the climbing obstacle course instead.

The children also enjoyed playing on the climbing equipment outside, Avery was so brave standing on top of the boat.Jackson was happy sitting on the climbing beam with a book, flicking through the pictures. After having so much fun outside this morning we came inside for some yummy lunch!!

Thank you for all the fun we have had today friends!!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥