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Happy Wednesday!! We have had such a fun and busy morning. Today Miss T’arn and Miss Hope welcomed the children with big cuddles. Everyone was so happy and excited to get the day started!! We spent a little bit of the morning outside playing with the dinosaurs, animals, cars, trucks, buses, trolley’s, bikes and lots of climbing. All the children were so busy exploring the yard. When Morning Tea arrived we went inside, washed our hands and sat at the table. The children were very hungry and Liz began to show Miss T’arn the sign language for “eat/food.” The children have been doing an amazing job sitting at the table and using their spoons to feed themselves. We enjoyed some yummy apples, bananas, yoghurt and muesli for M/T. Yum, they loved it!! 

After our tummies were full from lunch Miss T’arn and Miss Hope cleaned the table to get ready for some art activities for Space week!! The children really enjoyed gluing the glitter to the paper to create very shiny silver stars. Miss T’arn demonstrated to the children how to pinch the glitter in their fingers and sprinkle it onto the paper. They all did a great job. Tomorrow we want to make some Moons and planets to go with our stars so that we can have a beautiful space wall for Space Week. We cannot wait to show you all the things we create. 

Thank you all for a beautiful, glitter- filled day!! 

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn & Miss Hope ♥♥