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Hello Babies, 3 Families,

Our day started off in the Babies 1 room where Halle and Charlie were both very interested in little baby Bently who was cooing and playing on the mat with Miss Mel. August, Liz and Peyton loved playing with the musical instruments, especially the shakers.

We all headed over to our room for a short play with toys of choice before morning tea. Liz ventured straight over to the block table Mel had set up and began building a tower, her friends Halle and August joined her. Charlie sat quietly reading. Liz and Peyton enjoyed playing with the farm animals, Liz picked the horse up ad said “nah” Both Peyton and Liz laughed at Mel when she made the piggy noise “oink, oink”. The doll house was popular this morning too.

It was time to clean up, Miss Mel played our “clean up” song we are all still learning to help pack away. Peyton however became very excited and began helping Mel pack away the doll house. Miss Mel gave Peyton a high five for helping, she was very proud of her self. After our room was clean we all washed our hands for morning tea

It’s a very wet day today so Miss Mel has planned some indoor activities. For group time today Miss Mel and Miss Danica lined all our chairs in a row, just like a bus. Our babies have been loving the song “the wheels on the bus”. Our babies where so excited to sit in the bus and we did all the actions together. It was so much fun. We later all sung “row, row” together, rocking back and fourth

It was time for some drawing. Charlie said “draw” When Mel asked if they would like to draw. Once our friends all sat down and began to draw Miss Danica brought out the duck puppets. We played the “five little ducks” and our friends used their best listening skills.

Mel decided to bring some of our outdoor toys inside as the rain wasn’t easing. We brought in the slide and some soft blocks. We are all still learning to take turns. One by one we had fun going down the slide. Weee!

Before we knew it, it was lunch time. Miss Mel played some soft relaxing music and lowered the blinds. We were all ready to rest our bodies.

Thank you babies for another wonderful day exploring and playing with you.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Danica xxxxx