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Hello Babies’ 3 families,

We would like to welcome our newest little friend Charlie. S into our Babies 3 family.  We are so excited to have you here Charlie and look forward to building a strong connection with you and your family.

Charlies first day has been amazing; we are so proud of how you have settled into your new learning environment. You shared lots of cuddles with Miss Mel this morning however by morning tea time you were ready to explore on your own. Charlie loves being outside, we even did some secret artwork for mummy. Shhhh!!

We now have two Charlies in our room on a Wednesday and they were both first to arrive this morning. They enjoyed the slide and pushing the mowers around the yard. Liz arrived and practiced her climbing skills too over on the obstacle course. Avery had a little play over in toddlers before joining us for morning tea. Our friend Peyton joined us just in time.

After morning tea, we all headed back outside, we are all getting used to where our hats are kept and beginning to recognise that we need our hats on to play outside. We decided on some indoor/outdoor fun. While our friends were exploring outside  Charlie N and Liz played with the doll house. Mel put on one of our favourite songs “Baby Shark” they enjoyed a dance together. They then headed over to home corner, cooking up a storm.

A little later Miss Danica and Miss Mel brought Liz, Avery, Charlie, Peyton, and Charlie. S inside one by one for a special craft activity Miss Mel had planned for Sweetheart Day (12-02-21) and Valentines Day (14/02/21) Practicing our fine motor skills, we used our fingerprints, pink and red paint, glue, and pretty sparkles to make our mummies a special surprise.

It wasn’t long before it was time for lunch, Avery helped Mel get the beds ready while our friends listened to a story called “On the Farm” this is a sensory book that our babies have been enjoying.  Charlie and Liz loved the story and sat together feeling all the different textures of the animals.

We all came inside, washed our hands, and sat down at the table. Miss Vanessa gave us all a big drink of water while we were waiting for our yummy lunch. After lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles while Miss Mel lowered the blinds and played some calming music as we laid down to enjoy a nice long nap. Ready for the afternoon’s activities.

Just a few quick reminders:

If you haven’t brought one in already, we would love a family photo for our family tree. Our babies love pointing and seeing their mummy, daddy and family members, it also gives them a sense of belonging.

Friday 12/02/21 it is  ”Sweetheart Day @ Riversdale” We are all wearing PINK OR RED bringing a gold coin donation to help us raise money for “Heart Kids”. We would love to support all the brave heart warriors that live with Congenital Heart Defects.

Also don’t forget Friday is also our Teddy Bears Picnic. Bring in your favourite teddy bear!!

We have had a wonderful Wednesday.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxxx