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Good afternoon friends of babies 2, welcome to our Thursday.

Our day started in Babies 1’s room, freely exploring our creativity and imagination. Winston, Halle, Olivia Parker and Liz were the first to arrive. When we moved into our room we found some of our soft giant blocks there. As it’s very cold outside, we’ve brought the fun inside. With a mattress between the blocks we made a bridge and Parker, Halle and Liz loved jumping over them. After that, of course, the requests for “shark” started and we spent a lot of time dancing the whole baby shark choreography. Olivia, Parker and Halle love it. And Liz always repeats “Oh no” when the song ends.

Continuing our Ocean day activities, after morning tea our friends sat at the table together and we colored some fishes and starfishes. “Fish” Valencia said and then Olivia repeated it. Miss Nessa then asked all the children to say fish and almost all of them succeeded. Winston was super excited to see his drawing on the starfish. Landen wasn’t too interested in drawing about fish, but when the second part of the activity came he really engaged: Miss Nessa and Miss Tati brought out a sensory trey with blue papers, blue pipe cleaners, blue blocks and strings, plus some marine animals, little rocks and shells from the bar. Miss Nessa explained that fishes live in the ocean and that we should release our fish into the sea. They all loved the sensory trey, the fish return and especially the pebbles and shells. Olivia wanted to keep all the stones in a net, Halle and Valencia loved the sea shells. Liz and Winston enjoyed the drawing part the most and Parker seemed to enjoy it all, but quickly continued exploring his favorite activities in the bedroom.

After the Ocean play, Liz and Halle went to the toddlers’ room and Daris and Bella-Rose joined us. We did an exploration of our gross motor skills with balls, which Parker loved, with a giant yoga ball that was Daris and Bella’s favorite object, and with an obstacle course where Valencia risked even with some fear. How fun. Landen loved running around the yard and pushing carts. Winnie and Olivia showed lot of balance ate the obstacle course. Super fun/

After our moment of physical activity, it was time to have lunch and go to sleep. We had Daris and Bella sleeping with us for the first time and they did great. We are proud of they both!

Now we are having some rest to keep our fun later.

Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow.