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Hello Families, welcome to our day!
As we did yesterday, our day beginning visiting the babies next door, but this time we came along to the Babies 1 room and did some free playing with them for a while. Charlie and Peyton were the first ones here. It was exciting to go to other room and try new toys and games. But soon we met our friends Liz and Avery and came back to our room to have our delicious morning tea.

Hey parents, do you know we use our best manners when we’re at the table? We always say “more, please” when we want some more food. And now we`re learning to say “thank you” as well.

After the morning tea, Miss Vanessa tried to do some reading time with us, but we were way to excited to just calm down for a story, so we decided to explore the cars around, since that’s our main theme this week. Avery is crazy about the fire truck, and Miss Mel explained her what is that type of car. All the other girls also picked up their favorite cars and we played on the road mat making cars noises during our play.

After that we had play-doh time, to explore our creativity. Today we used the colour green and Charlie and Avery could say the world “green” perfectly. Avery loved to use the shape cutters and the rollers. Liz tried to smell the play-doh lots of times, and also used the shape cutters to do some nice forms. Peyton thought could be a good idea to taste it, but she realizes was better just to play with them. And Charlie loved to make balls.

For group time we also had a theatre! We loved both watching and being part of the show. Miss Vanessa showed us how to clap for the show, and told us a story about Koalas and Kangaroos. We loved it. We did the whole theatre box some time ago. Can you see how is it covered by our beautiful drawings?

What a fun morning, everybody!

We had some free playing after this, while Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa organized our lunch. We ate Salmon and pasta. Yummy! Then, time to bed. At the afternoon we will have some outside time, so we have to fulfill our energies.

Thank you for hearing about our day and see you tomorrow.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxxx