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Happy Friday, everyone!!

We started this beautiful day exploring our playground, running around, and challenging ourselves through the bridge and the blocks paths. Wasn’t easy, but it was super fun! Halle, Charlie, Augie, Liz and Avery were here first and started the morning full of energy. Then Delilah and Luna joined us, making the fun even bigger. Halle, as usual, loved to run everywhere, mostly over the blocks, and Liz couldn’t get out of the bridge, because she loved so much.

After the free play outside with everyone, we got inside for our morning tea. After washing hands and sit at the table, we really appreciated our morning tea.

Then we read some books inside our room. Luna, Halle and Delilah really got caught into it, while Augie rather to play with some trucks.

We went outside again to our sandpit this time, and took some buckets and different size funnels, so we could explore the sand coming from a place to other and try to understand our world through our own experiences. Avery loved it, she played with all the funnels and Halle and Liz took sand to every single space on the playground.  

Then we got together to a really fun group time. Miss Vanessa froze some of our blocks, and we had to unfrozen them to save the blocks! I can’t express how much we liked it/ We learnt a lot about the ice. Or, as we like to call it, “the cool”. We could experience the ice melting, find out how it feels on our hands if we hold for long time, could squeeze it and see it slippering out of our hands and run to try to get them again. And of course, we loved to taste it! But Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa was really paying all the attention to put the ice away as soon as they started to get into small pieces. Luna was the one who liked the most, and she played with the ice blocks until there`s no more left. And Augie couldn`t stop telling everyone that the ice is cool. So clever.

After this fun playing we went inside to change clothes, do our nappies, and prepare for lunch. We had Tofu today. Yummy.  

It`s time to re-energizing our bodies, so we will take our naps to enjoy the rest of our day as much as we did this morning.

Thank you so much for a fabulous Friday, friends, we hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Vanessa and Miss Mel. Xoxoxo

Next week we’re going to focus in colours. If possible, dress your baby in blue next Monday! 😊