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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

Charlie, Parker, and Liz were first of our friends to arrive this morning. We had a short play in Babies 1 before heading over to our room. Home corner was a hit this morning. Charlie, Liz and Parker were feeding the dollies and cooking up some breakfast for Miss Mel. Charlie said “here you go Mel’s” as she handed me some play food. Yum yum thank you Charlie. Liz was exploring toys of choice and found the stackable carrot; Liz pulled the bunny out of the carrot and placed the bunny in the teacup. Valencia, Winston, Olivia, and Landen arrived with lots of cuddles from their educators. Miss Mel played a few nursery rhymes, and we all did the actions together. “wheels on the bus” and “Open, shut them” we continued to explore the room until our morning tea was ready.

We helped pack away all our toys, Miss Mel played our clean up son and Charlie yelled “Clean up” as she began helping Mel pack away the wooden blocks. Parker, Valencia, and Winston are beginning to become more familiar with our routine and also helped pack away our toys.

We washed our hands, and all sat at the table together. Today we had strawberries, watermelon, banana, and yogurt…. yummy! Today our watermelon was cut in triangle slices, we loved eating it this way and it was very cute to watch our friends enjoying their fruit.

Miss Mel had a fun activity planned for today. We have been focusing on sustainability/recycling this week, so Miss Mel brought in some colourful flowers, rice, sieve cups and scoops, we added some soil, bark, and sand for our babies to investigate. We were all very excited as we watched Mel set up the activity through the window, eagerly rushing out we began digging, scooping, tossing, smelling and exploring everything we could see. Charlie brought one of the flowers over to Mel and said “here you go Mel’s” Awww thank you Charlie. Landen was not too interested in today’s activity, he was happier exploring the yard, he sat for a short time and off he went.

Adding another exciting element to this experience Mel brought out a recycled milk carton full of water. We were all going to take turns watering the flowers!! This was definitely the favourite part of the activity. We enjoyed swishing the flowers, sand, and bark around and scooping it up in our sieve cups, watching it as it filtered back into the tray.  We stayed outside for a while, it looked like it could rain but our babies were so engaged in play so Mel opened the door and we continued with indoor/outdoor play as the weather was holding off.

It was time to head back inside for lunch. After washing our hands, we all sat down for a delicious sushi bowl. Mel played some soft music to help settle her friends. The blinds were lowered, and we all drifted off for a nice long nap.

Thank you for an amazing Wednesday.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Lara xxxx