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Good afternoon, family and friends of babies 3, welcome to our day.

Today we started the day with Halle, Olivia and Liz in the Babies 1 yard. The girls loved playing with the walkers, and climbing the A frames. When our friend Landen arrived, we moved to our own yard.

Halle and Liz found pools of water on top of the covered sandpit and ran to stomp their feet, giggling. It was time for Parker, Valencia and Winston to arrive and all to have their fun in the playground. We carried the giant blocks, counted up to 10 sitting on the donkeys, made an order to take turns down the slide and explored all of our books and toys scattered around the playground. Upon entering the room, everyone ran to their favorite activity. Parker and Olivia went to comb the doll`s hair, Liz played in the little house, Valencia went to cook in the home corner, Landen liked the puzzles and the ladybug, Winston explored the bottles with colored water and Halle did a little bit of everything.

After our morning tea, it was time for art the way we like it: with a lot of freedom. Following our week of reusing and recycling, we painted egg cartons to make caterpillars like the very hungry caterpillar, which decorates our room. Miss Nessa separated us into two groups, and we used green and red paintbrushes and paint to make our caterpillars. Well, we used brushes initially. After a while we used our fingers, hands, arms and seems like some of us even used our faces, right, Winston?

All of our friends loved this activity and really engaged in the paintings. Even Landen, who was a little afraid at the beginning, decided to give it a try, but he preferred to paint the table instead of the caterpillar. Well, each artist with his rules.

Miss Lais and Miss Nessa glued eyes and placed antennae on our caterpillars. The result was a good one, don`t you think?

After that we had to wash ourselves, and then we organized the room, turned off the light and listening to soft music we sat at the table for our lunch. Then it was time for a nap.

See you tomorrow.

XOXO, Miss Nessa and Miss Mel.