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Hi families and friends of babies 3, welcome to our day!

We had a really fun day today. We started this sunny day with a lot of fun together, exploring our room with the friends of babies 2. Miss Vanessa put some of our favorited songs and we danced together in a big circle. We also played peek-a-boo, hide and seek, and shared some toys while exchanging conversations and laughter. We are more communicative every day and our vocabulary is getting very large. We speak whole sentences with meaning. It’s nice to hear.

Our friend Camila joined us today and she did very well. At first she just observed everything. Accompanied Miss Vanessa across the room looking closely. Then she started exploring the room by herself, played with a few things and started interacting with the other children. She just didn’t get too excited about going outside, but it had plenty of fun inside the room. Even made a beautiful painting. Our friends Augie and Halle also made the butterfly paintings to complete our welcome set for Miss Mel.

After the morning tea and our paintings, we had a lot of fun free time outside. Today is beautiful and we put our hats to explore all our yard. The sandpit was open and Augie liked it so much that he tried to bring her into the room. Oh-oh!

And since we’re still in animal week, we decided to wear our cow masks we made last week. Liz was the first to go out saying “moooo” with the mask on her face. All our friends were interested in the mask, but they didn’t like to keep it on their faces for too long. Yet we had a lot of fun imitating the cows and running after the other, masked.

After this we organized our room together, changed our diapers, washed our hands and went to lunch. With a full tummy it was much easier to say goodbye to our friend Camila and fall asleep.

What a great day. Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow.

And mom and dad, don’t forget about the puppets show tomorrow.