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Hello families, welcome to our day at Babies 03.

We started this beautiful sunny day in a very fun way: playing together. Liz, Avery, Peyton, Charlie and Olivia were the first to arrive and were able to explore the room freely. Avery, Olivia and Liz loved playing with musical instruments. I see great musical skills in them. Building towers with the blocks was also very popular among our girls.

After that we all played together. We danced some nursery rhymes and Miss Nessa sang the ‘5 little ducks” song for us using finger puppets. Needless to say we loved it and wanted to imitate her, putting the ducklings on our own little fingers and singing to each other.  Soon our friend Valencia joined us, and also our friend Winston. Miss Shae had a loving moment with them. Then we sat together for a delicious morning tea.

Art time!!! We made a beautiful art work today. Using candy-cotton colours and our own hands, we made butterfly paintings on colourful papers to decorate our classroom. The coolest thing of all was that we were so engaged in this activity that we all sat around the table and watched our friends paint and wait patiently for our turn. Charlie decided to give a little hand to some friends. So helpful. And we’ve all done beautiful work.

After that, we had some free time outside, to enjoy that the day heated up.  We were able to explore the garden and enjoy spend energy at the same time we develop our gross motor skills and mainly social skills.

And speaking about social skills, today was the day to welcome our friends Olivia and Winston into our room for the first time, since they are transitioning to here.  The two had a great day, without any difficulty of adaptation, since they are already accustomed to friends, the environment and educators. After playing in the backyard we followed our routine for a gentle transition to lunch and rest. We changed our diapers, organized our room and sat down to eat. Soon after we proceed to our well-deserved rest.

What a nice day we had.

Thank you for reading us and until tomorrow.

XOXOXO, Miss Nessa and Miss Shae