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Hello families! Hope you`re all well. Welcome to our Friday!

What a fantastic day today for the children.

It`s a sunny Friday and we had a really unique day. Our day begun with lot of books today. All of our friends were exploring the room together and lot of them decide to get books to ready, so Miss Nessa decided to tell them some stories and read books together. They loved it. Lis, Halle and Avery loved to hear Miss Nessa telling the story while checking the pictures of the book, while Luna, Parker and Peyton rather do it by themselves. Augie preferred to explore other activities, like the home corner and the cars.

After a while our friends Camila and Valencia got here and we had a delicious morning tea together. As soon as we finished it we begun to organize ourselves to go to the other building. Sunscreen and hots on, shoes on the feet and lots of disposition and here we went to the other building. And the reason was: the children have had a visit from the Larikkan Puppets show!

The Larikkan puppets show gave the children a full immersing puppet show that the children just  ❤LOVED ❤ expressing themselves in an array of different ways, Avery, Liz Camilla and August clapping along and swaying side to side all while sitting on their  chairs, Luna, Halle and Peyton dancing to the music on the mats as the presenter showed us a new dance called the Unicorn Dance all throughout their experience expressing a very happy smile.

Valencia and Peyton got a bit scared at first. Probably because all our friends were together and is not that usual to be in such a big crowd. But they both settled on Miss Shae`s arms and enjoyed the show from the beginning to the end. Avery, August and Lis enjoyed every moment of the show. They watched it all with enthusiasm and feeling. They shared laughter, danced and applauded. Luna didn’t even control herself to sit with her friends. She spent the whole show standing up, enthusiastically watching it. Camila sat in Miss Nessa’s arms and watched the show with great interest, though a bit overwhelmed with so much information. Still, she surprised everyone with her quick adaptation, and enjoyed the show with attention. But Halle…. Halle’s by itself was just a show. Probably the most excited child there. Halle vibrated with every bit of the show, and kept looking back to exchange glances with his friends and share moments and laughter. Miss Nessa and Miss Shae were very proud of the behaviour of their babies, especially considering how unusual and challenging this experience was.

Inside the room the children had the opportunity for self selection play, choosing to do some puzzles, musical instruments, connector blocks, or even with our friends Valencia, Peyton, Parker and  Avery, cook up a yummy meal for our friends and educators implementing their own life skills that they have been taught at home and adapted this into their role play experience.

After that we changed our nappies, washed our hands and sit together for some burgers and then.. time to bed!

What a beautiful week we had. Thank you for reading us, and have a lovely weekend.

XOXO, Miss Nessa and Miss Shae