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Good afternoon families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

We have had a busy day today; the weather has been a little unpredictable, but we managed the get some outdoor activities done today as our babies just love exploring their outside environment.

We explored our inside environment with toys of choice. Delilah and Avery had a little tea party at the table, Peyton was investigating the puzzles, Avery was wheeling the block wagon around the room and Charlie and Liz were giving Miss Mel lots of cuddles

It wasn’t long before it was time for morning tea. Most of us enjoyed our yummy yogurt and fresh fruit. After we cleaned up, we were excited for group time on the mat with Miss Vanessa. It was five little ducks! Miss Vanessa brought out the puppets, we all sat using our best listening and concentration skills. Delilah and Peyton joined in on the actions, it was lots of fun.

After group time Miss Mel had planned a sensory activity outside call” The hidden Alphabet”. Using sand, sieve cups and the colourful letters of the alphabet hidden in the sand.

Charlie. S, Avery, Peyton, Delilah, and Liz all had fun exploring the sand looking for all the different letters. As our babies held letters up Miss Vanessa named the letter and the colour they were holding. We also enjoyed exploring the yard while we were outside before the rain began.

After our alphabet activity we all sat down for music time, it was lots of fun banging the drums and the xylophone and shaking the maraca and tambourines. Miss Vanessa put one of our favourite songs on “Baby Shark and we all danced around, and some played along on their instruments.

It wasn’t long before it was time to clean up, wash our hands and enjoy some lunch. Miss Mel lowered the blinds and put some relaxing music on as we all drifted off to sleep, ready for the afternoon’s activities.