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Dear Families,

We have enjoyed a fun day today in babies 3.

Our morning began exploring our outside environment. We all love the slide and share lots of giggles together as we investigated all the toys. We all love pushing the prams around the yard too.

After morning tea Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique had planned an indoor/outdoor day. Miss Mel set up some painting inside and Miss Dominique continued to explore the yard with August, Avery and Luna.

Delilah, Charlie, Halle, Liz and Peyton sat one by one with Miss Mel as she painted their hands green. it was cold, wet and gooey, we loved squishing the paint between our fingers, Miss Mel also spoke about the colour of the paint.

August, Luna and Avery enjoyed playing on the see saw, pushing the walkers around the yard, they sung nursery rhythms  and played games together with Miss Dom.

After lunch we enjoyed some free play. home corner was very popular, our babies love opening and closing the fridge door and placing various items inside. The shape sorter was also very popular. We spoke about all the different shapes and colours we could see.

Thank you for a fun Mondays babies.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique xx