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Hello families today welcomed Isla, Valencia, Daris, Bella and Mathew. Our morning began outside in the sunshine where Bella enjoyed pushing the lawn mower and pram around the yard. We did lots of climbing over the A Frames as we practiced our balancing skills. Isla was investigating the hula hoops and Daris was running kicking and chasing the ball.

It was time to venture inside for some yummy morning tea. Today our room was already tidy so instead of our normal “clean up” song before mealtime Miss Mel sung” twinkle, twinkle little star” as we waited for Miss Otavia to serve up our yogurt and fresh fruit. Bella and Valencia joined in with all the actions. Daris and Isla were looking up at Mel with big smiles.

As we were cleaning up Miss Jen arrived from Funky Feet!! Every Friday we enjoy a fun dance lesson where we combine with Babies 2.

Just as dance started our newest friend Jai arrived for a play!! We welcomed Jai and mum who had arrived for a play before Jai joins our babies 3 family on Monday.

Bella, Daris and Valencia loved doing all the actions along to the music. Matthew and Isla were happy watching their friends jumping, twirling, and spinning along to the music. Matthew towards the end warmed up a little and showed us some moves. It was so much fun doing all the fun moves together and expressing ourselves through dance.

Once dance was finished Miss Hansani and Miss Mel decided to join together  outside for a spontaneous fun colour sensory experience. As our babies love sensory play and to extend on learning our colours. Using assorted colours of shredded paper, tongs, coloured oats, rice, pom pom balls, scoops, and sieve cups. We set up our activity on the mat and all our friends rushed over curious to what they could see. Valencia, Daris and Bella loved this experience. They were a little unsure of the shredded paper sticking to their hands, asking for assistance, especially when Daris’s teddy had shredded paper on him, Daris with a very disapproving face held teddy up to Mel and Miss Mel helped Daris pull all the paper off and Daris gave teddy a big cuddle. They enjoyed scooping up the oats and assorted pom poms as Miss Mel named all the colours. Isla was busy investigating the yard. Mel handed some of the colourful paper and Isla happily explored the different textures. Matthew too a while to warm up however once most of his friends had ventured off to explore Matthew sat down and began using the scoops to scoop up the oats.

We stayed outside as it was so nice and warm in the sun and our friends were having so much fun exploring. Miss Emma brought us all a huge bag of colourful balls to extend on Daris and Jai’s love of balls which we discovered last week. They were in heaven chasing, throwing, and kicking them around the yard. It was so much fun playing and learning to share together.

It was time to clean the yard up a little, Miss played the clean up song as our friends did their best to help their educators pack away. We then headed inside, said goodbye to Jai and hiss mummy. You did amazing today Jai, Miss Mel and Miss Otavia are so proud of you. We cannot wait to get to know you and your family and build a strong connection with you.

We washed our hands and Mel lowered the blinds and put some soft relaxing music on as we all drifted off for a nice long nap to recharge our batteries for this afternoons play.

Thank you for a wonder Friday.

Wishing all our families a fun and safe weekend.

See you all next week.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxx