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Hello friends and family from Babies 3. Welcome to our day!

What a lively day we had today. We started the day with Halle, Charlie, Parker and Liz at babies 1 yard. Charlie and Halle loved to hide inside the A frame climber. Charlie said it was “the house”. So clever. Liz rather to push the trolleys and wore the hat in a very funny way. Parker was delighted with the babies. Very careful.

After a while we went to our own yard, and the sandpit was the most popular choice of the day. All our friends jumped in there as soon as they could, having an extra dose of fun. Miss Mel agreed that our week’s theme is geographic figures and drew some in the sand with the girls. Charlie and Halle loved making circles. Parker had a lot of fun playing peek-a-boo with the tunnel.

When Valencia arrived we were already in our room, where we were able to enjoy a game with magnetic geometric figures. All the girls loved it. Valencia tried all of the magnet’s possibilities having fun with both attraction and repulsion. Charlie and Halle tried to repeat the names of the geometrical figures “square”, “triangle” and “circle” and got very close. Liz tried to cook the squares in the home corner and Parker was good at talking about the colours of the shapes.

To continue the study of geometrical figures and to reinforce the learning in the mind, we did a very fun activity. With contact paper and some cut outs in the shape of a triangle, circle and square, we sat around a table and sticked all the pieces of paper, trying to group them according to the geometrical figure that was on the table. It was not only fun and instructive, as the result was beautiful. The girls loved the activity. Luna, who always loves sensory activities, was the one who had the most fun. But they all loved the game while repeating the names of each figure and their colours together with Miss Nessa.

Then, for a group time, we gathered around Miss Nessa who told us the story of ‘my dog ​​rags’ in an interactive way, always asking the children what they were seeing, while the most engaged ones pointed out what they saw or imitated the sound of the animals they were seeing, as was the case of Halle, Parker and Liz.

Today we received a visit from our future roommate and friend Adelaine and we all had fun together in the backyard, helping her to adjust and adapt faster. We are already looking forward to her arrival.

After that intense morning, we got together for lunch after tidying up the room, changing diapers and washing our hands. We devoured our vegetable lasagne and went to sleep.

Reminder: Wear ORANGE tomorrow, bring a gold coin donation to help support our SES Volunteers

What a great day.

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow. xxxx

Miss Vanessa and Miss Melinda