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Hello Families,

Welcome to Monday in Babies 3.

Miss Mel is back!! Mel was so excited to see all her little friends smiling faces and enjoyed lots of cuddles this morning. She missed them all so much!!!

Today we focused on helping our newest friend Theo to feel safe, secure, and supported with lots of cuddles as he is still settling into his new learning environment. There was lots of exploring and toys of choice today.

Our morning began exploring the yard as all our friends arrived. The sandpit, Slide, tunnel, and the soft blocks, dolls and hula hoops were very popular.

Once all our friends arrived, we headed inside to clean up our room, wash our hands and sit down for our morning tea. Halle, Liz, Peyton, Charlie, Augie, and Theo helped miss Mel pack away. What amazing helpers!!

We began playing with toys of choice inside when our friend Landon came in for a play.  Landon and Theo were a little unsettled, so we all decided to change the environment and head back outside.  Landon loved exploring, doing laps of the yard. We all loved having him spend time with us. We can’t wait for you to spend the whole day with us on Wednesday.

We said goodbye to Landon and headed back inside for group time. Miss Mel sat with her friends and read “Hide and seek in the forest”. Liz, Theo, Charlie, Peyton, Luna and Halle loved listening to the story. We spoke about all the different animals we could see in the story and the sounds they make.

It was lunch time. Miss Mel played the “clean up” song and we all did our best at helping to pack away all the toys. We then washed our hands and sat down for our yummy lunch. Augie kept saying “morning tea, morning tea” as he ran over to sit with his friends. Mel sat as Miss Vanessa dished up our lunch and we sung some nursery rhymes together. “Incy Wincy” and “wheels on the bus”

After lunch we all headed over to our beds, some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep to some nice relaxing music.

We have had a fun day of exploring and learning through play.

See you all very soon.

♥ Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxx ♥