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Hello babies 3 families,

We hope you have all had a wonderful day. We have a special visitor in our room today. Miss Jess is joining us for the day from babies 2.

Today in babies 3 our day began inside. August, Halle, Luna and Peyton enjoyed bubble play. They loved chasing the bubbles around the room trying to catch and pop them. We enjoyed toys of choice before morning tea. Charlie and Halle sat with Mel and we built towers with the wooden blocks while Miss Mel sung the “build it up” song. They then were engaged in play over at the doll house. Augie loved pulling the block wagon around the room. Liz was busy cooking in home corner and Peyton enjoyed big cuddles with her educators.

Before long it was time for morning tea. We helped pack away, washed our hands and enjoyed some yummy morning tea.

After morning tea we put our sunscreen and hats on and headed outside to explore, the soft blocks were set up in big towers, Liz loved knocking them down and stacking them back up again. The bridge was popular. Peyton, Halle and Luna climbed up and stamped their feet together. Augie and Peyton loved pushing the mower and prams around the yard too. We all took turns going down the slide, one of our babies favourite outdoor activities. This also teaches our friends to take turns.

We all came inside as Miss Melinda had planned a fun art collage experience. We were all very excited.

One by one Halle, Charlie, August, Liz, Peyton and Luna sat with Miss Mel and Miss Jess and using their fine motor they swished the cold gooey pink paint and glue all over their paper. Miss Mel had feathers and paper of different textures and colours for our babies to stick onto their masterpieces.

It wasn’t long before it was lunch and rest time. We lowered¬† the blinds and played some soft relaxing music to help settle our babies.

After we wake up we will be heading back outside with our bubble machine. taking our sensory blocks out to build more towers together.

We have had a lovely day in babies 3. Thank you Miss Jess for all your help today. We loved having you.

Miss Melinda and Miss Jess xx