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Hello families, Welcome to our day in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies 2 where we welcomed Winston, Olivia, Valencia, Bella and Daris, Olivia, Winston. With lots of cuddles and smiles.

Bella, Olivia, and Valencia were engaged in play over in home corner. Olivia was washing the fruit and placing different items in and out of the oven. Winston decided he would wash the soft block he was holding.

Bella instigated a game of rolling the ball across the table, back and forth to Mel saying “Ready Go!! She then began pointing to the bookshelf saying “book?” Mel pulled a few different books off the shelf Bella kept pointing and said “peekaboo” she wanted the “Peek A Boo” story. Olivia and Valencia soon joined their friend in book corner, having some quiet time together.

As it was a quiet morning, we thought it would be nice for our friends from Babies 2 and Babies 3 to enjoy their morning tea together On the menu today was Creamy Pear Porridge. Looking so cute sitting at the table together practicing their self-help skills as they fed them selves the porridge with spoons.

After we cleaned up, we eagerly headed over to our room to find toys of choice. Daris and Winston began role playing with the baby dolls, giving them big cuddles. Winston sat himself in the baby’s cradle with a baby in each arm saying “shhh” Bella also enjoyed role playing with the figurines from the .doll’s house. Home corner was also extremely popular with all our friends today, they love placing the toy food into the shopping basket and in and out of the friends, pretending to wash our hands was fun too

Olivia and Valencia sat with dinosaur puzzle using the trial-and-error method to manipulate each dinosaur to fit in the correct space. Later Daris and Bella also had a turn with the dinosaur puzzle. Daris looked up at Mel and roared like a dinosaur.

We extended on our babies’ interest in playing with the dinosaurs yesterday with a dinosaur footprint painting activity. Using our toy dinosaurs, green paper, and brown paint. One at a time Winston, Bella, Matthew, Valencia, Daris and Olivia sat with Miss Otavia dipping the dinosaurs into the paint and making footprints

Miss Mel played some Dinosaur songs “one, little, two little dinosaurs” and “Everybody walk the dinosaur” during the activity and we danced and sung along together stomping around the room like dinosaurs.

Once we were all cleaned up it was time to clean up our room to our clean up song and washed our hands, ready to sit down to enjoy our yummy lunch, today it was

We would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging.

As our photos are still not uploading we will once again have them printed just outside our room next to today program for parents to view. 

Thank you for a wonderful Thursday babies.

See you all again very soon. xxxx

Miss Melinda, Miss Otavia and Miss Taylor.